Policy Shipping, Delivery, Payment and Guarantee


shipping rates and delivery (shipping) are additional to the price of the product, unless stated differently by the Online Shop at the time of sale and shall be paid by you. These expenses are not included in the price displayed on the product, which are calculated, simulated or displayed on the product screen and the following screens shopping cart and order confirmation.

Prices are in Reais and include taxes and fees in accordance with current legislation.

The value of the freight is paid by the purchaser and may vary according to the quantity, size and weight of the purchased products, shipping address and the rates of the carrier (s) (s). The freight charge is added to the total value of the purchase order. For cash purchases on the credit card, the freight will be equally divided by the number of installments.

On specific occasions, such as promotions, the shipping can be free, in this case, will be informed on the product this option and freight calculation field will be told the real value of zero ($ 0.00).


This Virtual Store will make the delivery of the Product (s) (s) of the Purchase Order at a single address, in Brazil, to be defined by you at time of purchase and will depend on the availability of the product (s) (s) and transport capacity. The responsibility for the accuracy of the delivery address is exclusive of the buyer, not being accepted, for example, deliveries to Mailbox and abroad.

To carry items to more than one address, it takes several purchase orders, one per address. For each new transport address, billing information must be included even if the same information of the previous application. This is a security measure to protect against misuse of your Virtual Store access account.

The availability of the product is advertised in the Online Store and its replacement will depend on the supplier's ability. When available the purchase of a product custom option, you can make this purchase getting delivery subject to product availability.

In the case of product unavailability (s) of a single Purchase Order, the Virtual Store transmit to you the product (s) (s) you have in stock and (s) other (s) follow (will) separately when available. You will be given advance notice by the Virtual Store this event and will not incur additional costs to those originally made by you at purchase.

We recommend that you receive (s) your (s) product (s), object of your Purchase Order, at the address or, if not possible, consider that the person who receive his name was named by you. It is he who receive (s) product (s) check is (are) in perfect condition and sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt at the location indicated by the deliveryman.

If (s) your (s) product (s) present (m) any problems or have any disagreement in relation to its purchase order, refuse the product, ie not accept delivery and contact the Service Customer service, as Return and Exchange Policy.

In the event after two (2) delivery attempts is not possible to perform the same due to not having person to receive the indicated location, the product (s) (s) will return (will) to the post office or to our stock, and in some cases be charged a new freight product or even, depending on the product being discarded.

The ownership will be transferred to you in the Product Delivery Act.

When so directed by the manufacturer, you can perform the installation of the product and must comply with its instructions, under penalty of loss of Product Warranty.


The delivery time of the Purchase Order is informed on weekdays and will be the one estimated at the time of confirmation of your purchase order, considering factors such as location and availability of the product directly reflect the definition of delivery time.

The delivery time starts to be counted from the effective date of the payment made by you and confirmation of your request as defined in the Payment Policy, defined herein.

Orders placed for in-stock items will usually be shipped on the same business day, if payment is confirmed before 09.00 (GMT). In general, items that are in stock will be dispatched immediately, and the items without stock availability will be shipped when available. The estimated delivery time of each item is given on the Order Confirmation page prior to submission of the final application. Delivery time frame is an estimate made in good faith, not a guarantee. The items may eventually be shipped by a variety of carriers, and determined application may be divided to speed delivery. There is no increase in shipping and handling fee separate deliveries.

The Virtual Store is not responsible for damages, losses and / or damages of any nature arising from any delay in delivery of the Product.


You can make the payment of your purchase order by credit card issued in Brazil and accepted by PagSeguro system (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, etc.) or otherwise available on the site. When the mode of payment chosen for the credit card for the purchase order is approved it is necessary that you have a credit limit with the administrator of your card.

The delivery time will start only after the approval of the payment by the administrator.

Delivery charges will be listed separately on confirmation of the purchase order. Rates vary by type of delivery and order value.

You hereby agree to honoring its obligations under its purchase order placed in the Online Store, especially for effecting payment in the form chosen and the burdens and costs arising from any default, or before the Virtual Store or third parties.

All information is only valid for purchases made on this Online Store, not valid for any other form of acquisition.

New forms of payment may be submitted whenever the responsible operator making them available.


The of Product Warranty marketed through the Virtual Store will be the one provided in the Product Warranty Term following along with the product in its box and will be provided by the manufacturer in full compliance with the Safety Code and Consumer Protection, as provided for in Exchange Policy and Return.


The policies listed below and your Purchase Order constitute the terms and conditions of the Purchase and Sale Agreement ( "Agreement") the object of your product Purchase Order:

1) Privacy Policy;

2) Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site;

3) Procedure for Purchase Order, Delivery, Payment and Security; and

4) Procedures for Return, Exchange, Refusal and Withdrawal.

This agreement is governed by Brazilian law, without regard to conflict of law principles.

You may not assign or transfer its rights or obligations under the Agreement without the prior written consent of this company.